1. Medical research – determining causal/correlation relation – using a supercomputer High-performance computing HPC
    Work on large databases using supercomputers (determining causal/acausal/correlational/ meditational/moderating/differential/pure/partial (semi-partial latent and manifest relations between variables in complex recursive and non-recursive relations; models
    Medical research is a systematic investigation conducted to enhance our understanding of health and disease, develop new treatments, improve existing healthcare practices, and contribute to the overall advancement of medical knowledge. It encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, including clinical research, basic science, epidemiology, and translational research. Medical researchers seek to answer questions related to the causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various health conditions. This process involves designing and conducting experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and disseminating findings to contribute to the improvement of public health and medical care. Ethical considerations, regulatory compliance, and collaboration across scientific disciplines are integral components of medical research.